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Product To serve as a trustworthy cooperative partner in the global energy market

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Bearing for nuclear power plants


Bearing for nuclear power plants

Product Details Since registering itself as an approved partner of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power in 1998 where strict quality compliance is essential, it has continuously produced and delivered Babbit bearings that support main shaft through continuous quality improvement. By going beyond the domestic markets, by delivering to major power companies worldwide, it is continuously expanding the business scope.
Main Customer Domestic: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power

Overseas: Virgil C. Summer #2,3 / Alvin W. Vogtle #3,4 / UAE BNPP #1,2,3,4
Technical Specification Journal bearing, through design interpretation considering the properties of rotor system, can be applied to manufacturing bearings of diverse shapes such as multi-lobe bearings, pressure dams and offset half bearings.
Product Specification
Certification ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001