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Company To serve as a trustworthy cooperative partner in the global energy market

"KHNP-KNP plays a role in exporting products of Korean small-and medium-sized enterprises in energy industry."

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Surrounded by water on three sides, Korea has difficulty exporting electricity. However, we can export electricity-generating machinery and equipment without such barrier.KHNP-KNP is a subsidiary of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. (KHNP) with investments from 41 small-and medium-sized enterprises to export their high quality products around the world.

KHNP-KNP not only directly exports products of KHNP's partners, but also actively support exports of their products abroad they have focused on the domestic supply only in the power plant, oil&gas, and shipbuilding areas.

Since its foundation, KHNP-KNP has directly exported SME’s machinery and equipment to the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and overseas energy markets. We have also implemented projects to strengthen export capabilities of KHNP partners and to dispatch a trade delegation for business meetings with leading overseas buyers.

As Korea's No.1 Provider, KHNP-KNP will do its best to promote the mutual interests of domestic partners and overseas buyers in the power plant, oil&gas, and shipbuilding areas through KHNP’s supply chain to use Korea’s quality machinery and equipment.

I sincerely ask your interest and support for KHNP-KNP and SMEs.
Thank you.

CEO of KHNP-KNP Lee Nam Seok