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Compressor&Actuator (Machineries)

Turbine valve hydraulic actuator


Turbine valve hydraulic actuator

Product Details A product developed to prevent performance deterioration in extended use by supplementing the problem of turbine valve hydraulic actuators that were 100% imported
The air discharging valve employed in the product has the advantages of preventing seal damage from adiabatic compression and increased facility durability by automatically discharging the air flowing into the hydraulic system.
Main Customer Domestic: 6 nuclear and thermoelectric power plants, Korea District Heating Corporation, GS Power, Hyundai Green Power, etc.

Overseas: Rexroth
Technical Specification Rated Pressure: Below 14 MPa
Operating Type: Single Acting
Operational Environment: Special environment with vibration and high temperature
Hydraulic Fluid: Flame-retardant phosphate ester
Product Specification Cylinder diameter sizes
Ø127㎜, Ø152㎜, Ø203㎜, Ø228㎜, Ø254㎜
Certification ISO 9001
ISO 14001
CE(Hydraulic Actuator)