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Filters (Machineries)

100% Microglassfiber Air Filter Media


100% Microglassfiber Air Filter Media

Product Details This product is a filter media product made with glassfiber material developing the low differential pressure, medium/high performance efficiencies, water repellency and strength, which is applicable to wide areas of entire industry fields. The product is primarily used for main filter media for high efficiency ULPA/HEPA Air Filter and MEDIUM Air Filter, providing absolutely required functions for extending the life cycle of filter and maintaining the performance. As well, the product demonstrates the high filtering rate with low pressure loss, which is suitable for saving operation cost with high performance.
Main Customer Domestic: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power

Overseas: UAE
Technical Specification - Green Certification product by the low pressure loss and highly efficient filtration rate
- Available to apply by various fields by the features of heat resistance & water repellency
Product Specification