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Filters (Machineries)

PP Pleated Cartridge Filter


PP Pleated Cartridge Filter

Product Details Polypropylene(PP) Cartridge Filter is manufactured to provide the maximum filtration area by the unique characteristics of pleated cartridge filter, offering excellent performance in terms of flow rate and pressure loss and structural reliability with connection using heat.
PP Cartridge Filter made of stable polypropylene material is primarily used for pre-treatment filter to extend the filtering life cycle of final filter in the water treatment systems of diverse industrial sectors, which in some application processes is used as the final filter.
Main Customer Domestic: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power

Overseas: UAE
Technical Specification - Maximum differential pressure: 60 psid (4.1 bar) at 25℃
- Maximum operating temperature: 180℉(82℃) at 10 psid
Product Specification - Material: polypropylene
- Filtration rate: 0.2micron ~ 40micron
- Lengths: 10"~40"