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Bolt Tensioner


Bolt Tensioner

Product Details It is difficult to precisely engage using traditional method of tightening and loosening bolts using a wrench due to the surface friction between the bottom of nut and flange surface and the distortion stress and friction from the thread. Bolt tensioner ensures precise and diverse tensioning of bolts and studs. This is quick, safe and easy to use.
Main Customer Domestic: KHNP, Doosan, GS Caltex, KAERI, SEDAI, KPLI

Overseas: HITACHI
Technical Specification ▶ Tensioner composition
- Puller
- Load Cell
- Bridge
- Nut Rotator

▶ Accessory (Optional)
- Hydraulic unit
- Bolt elongation measuring device
- Hydraulic hose
- Coupler
Product Specification Customized
Certification ASME N/N3/NPT/NS (Pressurized container, tank/Nuclear power parts/Storage and shipping container)
ASME U/U2/S/PP (Power Boilers, Pressure Vessels)
KEPIC MN (Nuclear machinery)
ISO 9001(Nuclear facility)
ISO 14001 (Pressurized container, tank, nuclear parts/storage and shipping container)
OHSAS 18001 (Pressurized container, tank, nuclear parts/storage and shipping container)