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Radiation meter (RADICO SCM)


Radiation meter (RADICO SCM)

Product Details RADICO SCM proposes a relative price comparing to similar products having same performance. It can be used as surface contamination monitor and survey meter. It is a rational product with minimal design and practicality that a modern people pursues.
Main Customer KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Company
SK Hynix
Philips Korea
Technical Specification Measuring range
radiation : 0.01μSv/h ~20 mSv/h
radioactivity : 0 ~9999 cps
Type of detector
: 2 pieces of GM Tube
: dose rate 1 piece, PGM 1 piece
Sensitivity : 7.5 cps per mR/h
60Co / 60 cps per mR/h
Response time
: 5 sec
Energy range
: within ±30% at 60 KeV ~ 1.25 MeV
Chargeable batteries
: hours of use 150 hours (Back light is used at minimum in the situation of natural radiation)
Battery : Secondary Battery Li polymer 3.7 V
Alarm sound
: sound Tone (⟩-85dB at 20cm ) /
Alarm sound by step (dose rate & cpm )
: ≤±15% about 137Cs source
Product Specification H X W X D 67X65X128 mm
Weight : less than 250g