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Valves (Machineries)

Motor driven ball valve (MOV)


Motor driven ball valve (MOV)

Product Details 1. This opens a path of nuclear instrumentation detector when measuring major variables (power distribution, △I and so on) of incore, but keeps to close in the normal operation.
2. This keeps the pressure boundary of chilled water system of nuclear reactor that prevent the leakage of chilled water when a guide thimble is destroyed.
Main Customer KHNP
Technical Specification 1. It increased the degree of precision of opening and closing by applying Genève Index apparatus.
2. It is compatible with the existing control lines (Connector, Leakage Sensor)
Product Specification Body O.D. 120(mm)* height 278(mm)
Certification KEPIC MN(MN-612)
ISO 9001:2008