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Relays (Electrics)

Vacuum Circuit Breakers


Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Product Details Vitzrotech has improved blocking performance and safety with the optimized vacuum technology and structure design from integration of accumulated vacuum application technology for long time through development and production of vacuum interrupter at first in Korea.
And also we maximized insulation performance by solid insulating and a batch of barrier through safer and stabler device and vacuum interrupter molding from a user-centric design. Our product is a new concept of breaker to safely supply the power to all industry areas such as power plants, chemical plants, steel plants and construction facilities and to pursue the short arc time and interrupting time and no repair against short circuit and earth fault.
Main Customer KHNP
Technical Specification KEPIC EED 1100(2005)
IEEE Std C37.09(1999)
IEEE Std C37.09a(2005)
Verification of equipment (EQ/earthquake-proof, environment-resistance)
Product Specification 4.76kV 50kA
15kV 40kA
Certification KEPIC qualification certificate
ISO 9001
ISO 14001