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Valves (Machineries)

Hydroelectric governor actuator(DISTRIBUTE VALVE)


Hydroelectric governor actuator(DISTRIBUTE VALVE)

Product Details Governor system that is integrated with hydraulic supply system HPU including pressure accumulator, distribute valve and actuator etc. (Vane motor), being applied RUNNER VANE, GUIDE VANE as a use of adjusting the speed of hydraulic turbine in the hydroelectric power.
Main Customer KHNP
Technical Specification · Size: 1164 (width) · 700 (length) · 470 (height) mm

· Weight: less than 500kg
Product Specification Emergency triple Trip Valve
– Applicable Pressure: 14~20 bar (applicable pressure 14bar)
– Working Pressure: 18 bar
– Attachment Structure: Cabinet embedded
Certification ISO 9001 : 2010