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Generator (Electrics)

Emergency diesel generator excitation system inspecting & testing device (ETS-5000)


Emergency diesel generator excitation system inspecting & testing device (ETS-5000)

Product Details Emergency diesel generator excitation system inspection & testing device carries out each card testing composing excitation system, and it can not only test the integrity of each card but also test various controls and protection functions etc. of excitation system by injecting simulation signal corresponding to generator signal at the situation of separating excitation system from generator. Particularly, as it can test the function of excitation system for a short time without driving diesel engine, it can test easily even when problem occurs or at normal times.
Main Customer Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.
Technical Specification ▪ Test function of each card of excitation controller.
▪ Excitation linked test function
– Checking test of power supply of controller
– EDG start and stop test
– Operation range checking test
– Mode switchover test
– Step response test
– Under excitation limit test
▪ Total test function
▪ Save function of test history data by card
Product Specification
Certification KEPIC-EN
KS Q ISO 9001:2011
CE certificate (Digital Excitation Control System)