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UF (Ultrafiltration Membranes) HS-50, HS-60, HMS 1023


UF (Ultrafiltration Membranes) HS-50, HS-60, HMS 1023

Product Details Recent advancement in the membrane filtration technology has generalized the application of the UF/MF membrane modules to water treatment system. Huviswater has developed specific technologies, know-how and insights into the pre-treatment for using UF membranes.
Specially formulated hydrophilic polyethersulfone(PES) material, uniquely designed asymmetric profile with sponge-like structure and an optimized process ensure high permeate flux and quality. Low fouling property of the membrane can also reduce operating cost and plant downtime. You will enjoy a low capital and installation cost with a large membrane area per unit volume at a small footprint. After a long, dedicated research, Huviswater now produces high-quality membranes and supplies modules of various capacities to meet the customers’ needs. Huvis Water membrane is used to treat ground water, surface water, waste water, and seawaters as either primary treatment or as pretreatment to RO membranes.
Main Customer KHNP
Turkmenistan Ethane Cracker
Technical Specification Backwash Pressure<1.5bar
Backwash Duration : 30~60sec
Backwash flux : 150~250 LMH
Cleaning Chemicals : HCI,NaOH, NaOCI, Citric acid
Product Specification Filtrate Flow : 2.1-5.3 m³/h~6.0 m³/h
Filtrate SD I:<2.5
Filtrate Turbidity y:<0.2NTU
Virus :>4log
Certification ISO9001:2008