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Thermoelectric Air Conditioner CNL-200TEC / CNL-800TEC


Thermoelectric Air Conditioner CNL-200TEC / CNL-800TEC

Product Details Inflow of heat(high temperature), humidity and foreign material become the cause of failure & malfunction in the most electric/electronic devices. Particularly, digital device exposed to high temperature environment sharply shortens its lifespan due to aging of the parts and the facilities caused by this stops frequently. Thermoelectric cooling system is a product that can secure reliability of facilities by blocking and preventing the cause of main failure and malfunction of digital devices related to various control, electric, telecommunication positioned at the high temperature area of turbine, boiler vicinity of domestic and foreign power plant.
Main Customer Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd.
Korea South Power Co., Ltd.
Korea West Power Co., Ltd.
Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd.
Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd.
Kuwait Doha-west Power Plant
Thailand Navanakorn Power Plant
Technical Specification It has wide operating range with 5℃~60℃ and enables to operate under diverse environmental conditions. Its dehumidification function makes the temperature and humidity to be maintained even in a site with high humidity and to main panel of electronic equipment room. It can solve the problems that the existing thermo-hygrostat and conditioning equipment could not solved because it can remove condensation liquid water without a separate drain. It can install to sensitive equipment because it does not have a mechanical diving such as compressor. It can operate only with power without an outdoor unit and drain.
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