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Pumps (Machineries)

Horizontal, Single Stage, Volute Casing Centrifugal Pumps


Horizontal, Single Stage, Volute Casing Centrifugal Pumps

Product Details For clean fluids (water, sea water, chemicals. oil, lyes, condensate, etc.)
For general purpose pumping in a wide range of services : general industries, chemical industries, domestic water supply, buildings, waterworks, water treatment, irrigation, marine use(fresh water, cooling water, sanitary, G.S, Ballast...) drainage, air conditioning, spray, swimming pool, dust removing & sprinkler, cooling or heating circulation etc.
Main Customer Domestic: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power

Overseas: UAE BNPP
Technical Specification 01. Good efficiency smooth operations, and trouble free operation
throughout a wide range of hydraulic coverage.
02. Maximum interchange abilities of pump parts.
03. Radially split volute casing.
04. Impeller back pull-out arrangement.
05. Flanges are KS or JIS, 10kg / cm² ratings. FF.
06. Dynamically balanced impeller.
07. Ball bearings series 5300, 6300, and/or 7300 etc.
Grease contained type or oil bath type lubrication.
08. Uncooled stuffing box. Packing rings or mechanical seal.
09. Clock-wise(CW) rotation when viewed form the drive end.
10. welded steel base plate, machined both up side and bottom side.
11. Precision shell-moulded casting for better hydraulics and consistent
casting integrity.
* The out of the above range can be supplied according to customer’s
order placement.
Product Specification
Certification ISO 9001
ISO 14001 & 18001