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Manipulator (Master-Slave Manipulator)


Manipulator (Master-Slave Manipulator)

Product Details Master-Slave Manipulator remotely handles radioactive material or radioactive isotope (RI) without radiation exposure. It is widely used in nuclear power research institutes, researches using nuclear power and cancer treatment clinics.
Main Customer Domestic: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences, etc.

Overseas: Nuclear power research institutes in Indonesia, Jordan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Hungary
Technical Specification - Design to easily treat radioactive substances or radio-isotopes in the Hot Cell
- Design to meet customer's requirements
Product Specification - KTH-100(4.5kg, 5kg Capacity) : For handling sealed source
- KTH-200(9kg, 15kg, 20kg Capacity) : For handling unsealed source
- Multi-Joint Type
- Manual Type
Certification CE certified: Master-Slave Manipulator
ISO 9001
TOSHIBA사 Vendor certified (for power faciities including nuclear power)
GE Vendor certified (for power facilities including nuclear power)
ISO/TS 16949