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Gauges (I&C)




Product Details It is a method that the change of force acting to displacer depending the change of liquid level occurs in Torque Tube as torsion stress and the angle of torsion changes to straight line motion through complicated mechanism to convey as pressure change to loadcell and outputs to DC 4~20mA.
Main Customer KHNP
Jordan JRTR
Technical Specification It enables to control on remote through HART communication signal with two wire system without direct contact to a site. It is the first intelligent transmitter in Korea that is designed to use process control of diverse measuring information and history information through HART PROTOCOL.
Product Specification Measuring range: 350 ~ 2000mm
Maximum temperature /pressure : 450 ℃ / 100Kg/㎠
Output : 4 ~ 20mA DC
Certification KEPIC EN / MN
ISO 9001